Benefits of the Alaskan360™ Multi-Caliber Suppressor

If you’re looking for a suppressor that’s the jack of all trades, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go over the benefits of the Alaskan360™ multi-caliber suppressor and how it will best serve you. At only 11.8 ounces with an enormous list of caliber ratings, various mounting options and accessories, the Alaskan360 can be customized to suit your needs whether you’re on the range, safeguarding your family, or navigating the backcountry.

Caliber Ratings

To begin, let’s go over caliber ratings. TThe Alaskan360 stands out as a genuine multi-caliber suppressor, capable of accommodating calibers ranging from 9mm up to .338 Lapua. Here’s a base idea of the calibers the Alaskan360 is rated to:

  • Handgun Calibers up to 9mm
  • Rifle Calibers up to .338 Lapua

To put things in perspective, when a rating says “up to” it essentially is saying as long as the round has an equal to or smaller bullet diameter it’s good to go. For example, the Alaskan360 is rated for a typical rifle caliber like .223, which has a smaller bullet diameter compared to .338.

Caliber Ratings Alaskan360


In addition to considering caliber ratings, it’s crucial to ensure that a suppressor can handle the rate of fire intended for use. If a suppressor is only designated for semi-auto, it’s not suitable for rapid mag dumps. Engaging in such high-speed firing can lead to rapid degradation or even catastrophic malfunctions, such as explosions. We built the Alaskan360 to be truly multi-caliber to fit most customers’ caliber needs and full-auto rated so that nearly no customer will have an issue with their rate of fire. In case you’re wondering what exactly “full-auto rated” means, we base it off of the US SOCOM firing schedule which consists of iring eight 30-round magazines (240 rounds) following a specific schedule from a 10.5” 5.56 NATO M4/MK18:

Socom Firing Rating Alaskan360
Vertical Socom Firing Rating Alaskan360

Mount Compatibility

Your suppressor is worthless if you can’t attach it to your firearm. For the Alaskan360 to qualify as a multi-caliber suppressor, it must incorporate various attachment methods capable of securing it to diverse types of firearms. The Alaskan360 has three main mounting options to cover nearly any type of firearm. The Alaskan360 is compatible with 1 3⁄8×24 third party mounts, however, we can’t guarantee accuracy or durability with a third party mounting device.

Rugged Universal Mount (R.U.M) *this is included with the Alaskan360*

The R.U.M. (Rugged Universal Mount) allows the Alaskan360 to utilize Rugged’s Dual Taper Locking System in order to attach to rifles. This is a quick detach mount that is built for superior durability, while maintaining the accuracy of your firearm. For more information on the Dual Taper Locking System check out this article.

  • The R.U.M. is compatible with all of our rifle mounts found here.
  • This system can also work with 9mm carbines when used with the M2 Brake (1/2×28)
Universal Direct Thread
Direct Thread Mount Alaskan360

This mounting option is primarily for rifles and carbines and is the lightest option available. Keep in mind, this is a slower attachment method that’s not ideal for high rates of fire as it can loosen over time. The Universal Direct Thread Mount is available in the following thread pitches:

  • 5/8×24
  • 1/2×28
  • 3/4×24
  • M18x1
  • M18x1.5
Universal Cage
Universal Cage Alaskan360

The Universal Cage allows the Alaskan360 to be used with our pistol suppressor mounts for handguns and pistol caliber carbines. If you’re not familiar with pistol suppressor mounts, this is a great article to check out. The Universal Cage works with:

  • Pistons (for handguns)
  • 3-lug Mounts (for carbines/subguns with 3 Lugs)
  • Fixed Mounts (for carbines/subguns without 3 Lugs)

Front Caps

To further optimize and customize your multi-caliber suppressor, you can use a dedicated front cap for the caliber you plan to use. These front caps can provide improved sound and flash reduction. Here are all the options for dedicated caliber front caps and flash hider front caps:

Vertical Front Caps Alaskan360
Front Caps Alaskan360

If you have any questions on the Alaskan360™ multi-caliber suppressor or suppressors in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our Suppressor Guide is also a great resource on how to choose the best suppressor for you, get the most out of it and prevent any malfunctions.

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