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We’re gun guys. For gun enthusiasts.

The suppressor industry is often knocked for unfulfilled promises. Confusion. Missed delivery dates.

And why does purchasing a suppressor feel like getting a root canal while also getting punched in the face? Shouldn’t it be fun?

Rugged Suppressors, founded in 2014 by Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak, creates innovative products that upset the industry. We’re pioneering new materials and manufacturing methods that create superior suppressors you can trust to work right the first time.

Superiority through innovation-driven manufacturing.

Henry Graham is now going back to his roots of innovation and design. He’s at his best with a whiteboard, CNC lathe, and an M-16. Partnering with CEO Michael Derdziak, allows Rugged Suppressors to create, build and distribute with the end-user in mind.

Rugged Suppressors’ first product, the Surge 762™, is the perfect fusion of innovation and creativity. It’s a rugged lightweight suppressor featuring our industry-changing ADAPT™ Modular Technology. We could have made more money by creating two cans instead of one. Here’s why we didn’t:

Rugged Suppressors does not answer to investors. We answer to you.

“Half-assing it” is not in our vocabulary.

We are committed to being the best silencer manufacturer in the United States by always focusing on positive customer interactions before and after the sale, producing cosmetically and functionally superior products, and a desire to continually outpace our competition through rigorous new product development and testing.

Check out our selection of Rifle Suppressors and Pistol Suppressors! Learn about what makes us different here Why Rugged Suppressors!

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