Rifle Suppressor Accessories

Rifle Suppressor Accessories

We offer multiple rifle suppressor accessories and mounts that help to increase your suppressor’s versatility and lifespan. All of our rifle suppressors are cross compatible with the mounts and front caps shown below. Muzzle Brakes vs R3 Flash hiders just comes down to personal preference of having reduced recoil or flash while shooting unsuppressed. There is no difference between the 2 while shooting suppressed. If you have compatibility questions, we offer an Accessory Guide to quickly identify if your suppressor is compatible with a specific accessory.

For those with 14.5″ barrels we offer 2 options to increase your barrels length to 16″, the R3 Flash Mitigation System – 7.62 (1/2×28) & 3 Port Brake.

Flash Hider - R3 Flash Mitigation System

Our R3 Flash Mitigation System is our flash hider system and the future of rifle suppressor mounts. The R3 features variable fluted prongs, which yield zero ring and world-class flash reduction. The R3 Flash Mitigation System utilizes our snag-free, toothless Dual Taper Locking System™, making them compatible with all of our rifle suppressors. If you’re looking for a non-common thread pitch our R3 Flash Mitigation System – 7.62 most likely has it.

Muzzle Brakes

Our Muzzle Brakes provide top of line recoil reduction while being used unsuppressed.  These rifle suppressor mounts utilize our snag-free, toothless Dual Taper Locking System™ making them compatible with our rifle suppressors.

Front Caps

Our interchangeable Front Caps are compatible with all of our rifle suppressors to increase versatility. Whether you’re looking to reduce weight, suppression or flash signature our front caps have you covered. 


Our specialty accessories include muzzle devices for belt fed machine guns to blast diverters which reduce concussion without a tax stamp.

For any questions regarding rifle accessories and which may be the most appropriate for your host, feel free to contact us to get accurate information or check out our Youtube channel that is a great resource for FAQs.

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