Pistol Suppressor Accessories

Pistol Suppressor Accessories

We offer multiple options in order to keep your Obsidian as versatile as possible. For information on what mounts or accessories should be used with your host firearms check out our Pistol Suppressor Attachments GuideIf you have compatibility questions, we offer an Accessory Guide to quickly identify if your suppressor is compatible with a specific accessory.

Handgun Mounts

We machine our pistons  from 17-4 Stainless Steel and heat treat them to last a lifetime. We utilize a non-slotted design which allows a full circumference gas seal around the piston. This reduces gas blowback so that your range day doesn’t end with your face covered in carbon.

  • Piston


    $80.00 Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Fixed Barrel Firearms Mounts


The pistol suppressor mounts enable you to use the Obsidian45/9 on fixed barrel firearms like subguns, PCCs, lever actions, etc. Use the fixed barrel spacer with a piston, employ the fixed mount on its own, and utilize the 3 lug mount with an HK spec 9mm 3 lug. Find more information on the suitable mount for you here.



Enhance your Alaskan360/360Ti and Obsidian’s performance with our versatile pistol suppressor attachments. Effortlessly assemble/disassemble using our combo tool and Totem Multitool. Get some dB reduction with the 9mm front cap or simplify maintenance with replacement parts.

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