The Razor762Ti is an ultra-lightweight version of the Razor762™ clocking in at only 8.9 ounces.  The Razor762Ti is developed to have reduced gas blowback and weight savings making it a smart choice for your rifle platform.

Caliber Ratings

Semi-auto rated with no barrel length restrictions for calibers up to 300 RUM

Full-auto rated for 300BLK subsonic only

$1399.00 MSRP



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Peace of Mind

The Razor762Ti™ is developed to have reduced gas blowback and weight savings making it a smart choice for your rifle platform. The weight of this titanium can makes it easy to pack for your next trek into the outdoors.

Dual Taper Locking System™

No more wobbly and carbon locked mounts. Our Dual Taper Mount’s first taper creates a gas seal and concentric lock up, for repeatable return to zero and keeps your threads carbon free. The rear taper creates a friction lock to keep your suppressor where it should be, on your rifle. The No Go/Go Gauge will give you confirmation that your suppressor is properly attached, for a surprise free shooting experience.

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Reduced Gas Blowback

Say goodbye to a face full of gas. The titanium Razor762Ti is designed to have reduced gas blowback for your semi-auto platform.

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Accuracy Proven

We've sent thousands of rounds through our designs to ensure exactitude. Our vetting process gives our suppressors a proven accuracy and provides you with a repeatable zero shift when attaching/detaching you suppressor


Diameter: 1.5″
Length: 6.4″
Weight: 8.9oz


Baffles: US Grade 5 Titanium
Tube: US Grade 5 Titanium
Mount: US Grade 5 Titanium
Finish: Titanium High Temp Cerakote®

Razor762Ti™ Product Manual

-Removable Grade 5 Titanium Front Cap
-5.56 and Flash Hider Front Caps available
-Compatible with all Dual Taper Locking System™ Muzzle Devices

7.62 R3 Flash Hider (5/8×24 Thread Pitch)
7.62 Titanium Front Cap
Razor762Ti™ Suppressor
Operator’s Manual
Dual Taper Lock™ Mounting Instructions
Razor762Ti™ Logo Sticker

Obsidian9 Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

No matter the problem or how it occurred we will work with you to find a solution and fix it. To prove it, we have no legal print and our average turn around time is within 16 business hours.


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