At 5.6 ounces, the Alaskan360Ti™ is the most adaptable, lightweight, multi-caliber suppressor on the market. Rugged’s titanium version of the Alaskan360™ adds minimal weight to your firearm and is built to handle hard days on the range, back country adventures and anything in between. 

The Alaskan360Ti™ provides outstanding flexibility as it’s rated for pistols and subguns up to 9mm and rifles up to .338 Lapua. Following the Rugged tradition, it is durable and built for a lifetime of use. The Alaskan360Ti ships with a titanium direct thread mount and is compatible with Rugged’s titanium Universal Mount. Begin your adventure with the Alaskan360Ti; it is time to Live Rugged™.


Caliber Rating

Pistols and Subguns  up to 9mm
Rifles up to .338 Lapua

Full auto rated for 9mm, 300 BLK Subsonic, 8.6 BLK Subsonic and other common handgun calibers 

$1826.00 MSRP

Alaskan360Ti Black Backdrop


Alaskan360Ti Weight

Featherweight Suppressor

Things that are heavier than the Alaskan360Ti? An iPhone14, a large apple, a cup of blueberries, and a softball are all heavier than this suppressor. The Alaskan360Ti is almost undetectable on your firearm and is the perfect suppressor to take along while tracking game.

Alaskan360Ti Dual Taper

Dual Taper Locking System™

Our quick detach mounts feature 2 tapers. The front taper provides a concentric lock up and protects the threads from carbon build-up. The rear taper prevents the suppressor from loosening during firing.

Alaskan360Ti Universal Threads

Universal Threads

The Alaskan360Ti™ features industry standard universal threads (1.375x24) making it compatible with our Rugged Universal Mount (R.U.M.), Universal Direct Thread, Universal Cage and other industry standard mounts.

Alaskan360Ti Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

All Rugged Suppressors products have an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. With our strict quality control measures and use of premium materials, we confidently stand behind our products.

Alaskan360Ti™ Specifications

  • Diameter: 1.6″
  • Length: Without Titanium Direct Thread : 6.6″, with Titanium Direct Thread: 6.9″
  • Weight: Without Titanium Direct Thread : 5.6 oz, with Titanium Direct Thread: 6.6 oz


BAFFLES: US Grade 5 Titanium
BODY: US Grade 5 Titanium
MOUNT: US Grade 5 Titanium
FINISH: Glass Bead Blasted
FRONT CAP: US Grade 5 Titanium

Alaskan360Ti Product Manual

Multi-Caliber Utility Suppressor

Accuracy Comes Standard

Strategically Placed EngravingInterchangeable End Caps

Compatible with all Rugged Muzzle Devices

Full auto rated for 9mm, 300 BLK Subsonic, 8.6 BLK Subsonic and other common handgun calibers


Titanium Direct Thread Mount                                                                                            Titanium Front Cap
Alaskan360Ti Suppressor
Operator’s Manual
Alaskan360Ti Multi-tool and Retainer
Rugged Suppressors Sticker

.36 Titanium Front Cap (included)
5.56 Stainless Steel Front Cap
7.62 Flash Hider Cap
5.56 Flash Hider Cap
7.62 Stainless Steel Front Cap
7.62 Titanium Front Cap
Razor556™ Stainless Steel Front Cap

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

No matter the problem or how it occurred we will work with you to find a solution and fix it. To prove it, we have no legal print and our average turn around time is within 16 business hours.

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