Strategic Engraving

If you aren’t aware, the serialized part of a suppressor cannot be replaced or salvaged. A completely new serial number and suppressor will be needed in order to replace the damaged serialized portion of the suppressor. For this reason, we take special care of what materials we use and where the serialized portion of the suppressor is positioned. This prevents you from having to submit a new Form 4 and wait another 6-12 months if your suppressor happens to get damaged.

The serialized engraving is protected by being placed on the least likely spot to be damaged and on the strongest part of the suppressor. The serialized part of the suppressor is also designed to be quickly removed and rebuilt for a fast and easy repair. You’ll notice that most pistol suppressors have their engravings on the side of the aluminum tube, which is the weakest part of the suppressor. As the weakest part of the suppressor, it is most likely to be damaged if it is dropped or in the case of a stray round. If this portion of the suppressor is damaged, it cannot be repaired. Here is a detailed comparison between strategically placed engravings and standard engravings:

The following warranty claims illustrate the importance of strategically placed engraving. The owners would have had to completely redo their Form 4 process if we had placed the serial number on a different part of the suppressor or on a weaker material.

Wrong Muzzle Device

A 7.62 round was fired through a 5.56 muzzle brake. This caused the muzzle brake to explode and send the bullet tumbling within the suppressor.

Cleaning Solvent

This Obsidian45™ was left in an abrasive cleaning solvent for days. This caused the aluminum parts to degrade and rust the Melonite finish on the Fixed Mount.

Double Tap

This Radiant762™'s muzzle device was threaded onto the wrong thread pitch. When the customer performed a double-tap, the first round shot the suppressor off and the second round hit the back end of the suppressor.

Wrong Caliber

This Obsidian45™ was shot on a rifle for which it was not rated. The baffles were destroyed and the main tube was deformed. The hot suppressor was then set on plastic which melted to the can.

While these are extreme cases, our strategic engraving also allows us to fix things as simple as a suppressor being dropped onto gravel or fall and roll down a driveway. In conjunction with our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and top-tier materials and machining, your suppressor will last generations.

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