Rx Blast Diverter/Brake

If you’re still waiting for your suppressor to be approved or live in a state that doesn’t believe in freedom, the Rx is for you. It provides many of the additional benefits of a suppressor, without the sound reduction allowing you to purchase it without a tax stamp. The Rx is compatible with all of our rifle Dual Taper Locking System™ muzzle devices including flash hiders and muzzle brakes. The Rx is modular and can be used in muzzle brake and blast diverter configurations. The following are the benefits of each configuration:

The Rx in the Muzzle Brake Configuration is designed to provide as much recoil reduction as possible. If you happen to be a pyro, this configuration has the added benefit of shooting some great fireballs. If you have a flash hider on your firearm and want the ability to have more recoil reduction, this is a great option.

The Rx’s Blast Diverter Configuration lowers the concussion of the firearm by directing it away from the shooter and reduces the flash signature. The Rx Blast Diverter amplifies our flash hiders and is a great option if you have a brake and would like to reduce the flash, perceived concussion and have less disturbance when firing close to the ground.

Changing Rx Configurations

The Rx uses left and right hand threads to prevent a suppressor module from being attached to its body. This is done to be compliant with NFA regulations.

To put the Rx in its Blast Diverter Configuration, simply screw the Blast Diverter End Cap counterclockwise onto the body of the Rx.

The Rx can be converted into its Muzzle Brake Configuration by threading the end cap clockwise onto the brake module, then threading the module onto the Rx counterclockwise. 

Rx Blast Diverter Expanded

The Rx Blast Diverter/Brake will give you more diversity than just using a standard muzzle device and has the benefit of not requiring a tax stamp. If you’re looking to increase your firearm’s capabilities without waiting 6-12 months, it’s the perfect option! Get your Rx Blast Diverter/Brake here

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