Modular Suppressors: ADAPT™ Modular Technology

Before modular suppressors, you were stuck with one suppressor configuration per tax stamp. With our ADAPT™ Modular Technology, you essentially get two suppressors in one. 

Modular Suppressor Benefits

A suppressor is a lifetime investment – which is why versatility is key. First-time buyers are typically looking for maximum suppression, but over time decide they’d like to have a lighter and shorter option with reduced gas blowback. In the past, you’d purchase a suppressor for maximum suppression, then end up purchasing a second suppressor for a more compact option.

Modular suppressors allow you to shorten the length of the suppressor decreasing its length/weight and gas blowback, in exchange for a slight loss in suppression. This is primarily beneficial for home defense and other tactical scenarios.

modular suppressor - 1

ADAPT™ Modular Technology

Our ADAPT™ Modular Technology allows you to have a modular suppressor, with or without tools. Here are the three steps to quickly change your suppressor’s configuration:

Remove ADAPT Module-modular suppressor

Remove the ADAPT™ Module

This can be done by hand or with a strap wrench.

Loosen End Cap 2 - modular suppressor

Remove the End Cap from the ADAPT™ Module

The end cap can be removed with your fingers or the provided end cap tool.

Tighten End Cap 2 - modular suppressor

Thread the End Cap onto the Suppressor Body

*When changing your suppressor’s configuration make sure it has cooled to ambient temperatures. 

Learn more about our key features here. If you’re new to suppressors or would like to learn more, check out our Suppressor Guide.

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