Why Your Pistol Isn't Cycling
With a Suppressor

It can be frustrating when you put your suppressor onto your handgun and it doesn’t cycle properly. We are here to help. We will go over 4 steps to take in order to have your firearm cycling in no time. For most occasions, not all of these steps will be needed, we typically find that the first two do the trick a majority of the time.

1) Lubricate Your Piston


The most common reason your pistol isn’t cycling with a suppressor is your piston isn’t lubricated. Your suppressor won’t cycle properly without lube, which will throw off your pistol’s rhythm.

We recommend using white lithium grease. Place enough to lightly cover the piston as shown in this pistol suppressor attachment video.

2) Clean Out The Booster Assembly


In many ways, your suppressor behaves in the same way as a firearm if it is dirty. The main parts you’ll want to focus on for a suppressor to cycle are the retainer, spring and piston.

Don’t forget to keep your weapon clean as that can cause cycling issues too.


3) Check The Ammo


Some handguns don’t cycle as well with heavier bullets or low velocities. We’d recommend first making sure your handgun functions with a specific round. If you’re handloading we’ve noticed that having a low powder charge can cause cycling issues. With subsonic ammunition, there should be no problems, but with bullets below 1000 fps, issues can arise.

4) Lighter Recoil Spring


If you’re still having cycling issues after you’ve cleaned and lubricated your suppressor/handgun and function checked the ammunition, it may be time for a lighter recoil spring. We’ve noticed lighter recoil springs make a huge difference when it comes to having your pistol cycle with your suppressor. Getting the next step down should do the trick.

If for some reason you still have issues with your pistol cycling with a suppressor or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’d like to learn more about pistol suppressor mounting options check out our guide here

We hope this will helps with your pistol cycling. If you’re still having problems, contact us and don’t forget to check out this video for more information on pistol suppressor attachments.

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