Why A Dedicated 5.56 Suppressor?

With all the multi-caliber options out there you may ask yourself, why should I get a dedicated 5.56 suppressor? If this is your first suppressor, we honestly wouldn’t recommend it. If you already have a multi-caliber suppressor or only plan on suppressing a 5.56 platform, a dedicated 5.56 suppressor may be the best option. We will discuss the Razor556™ as a dedicated option and help you decide whether it is the right choice.

Dedicated Suppression 

Due to their ability to suppress more than 5.56, multi-caliber suppressors are more often fine tuned per caliber than single-caliber suppressors. A dedicated 5.56 suppressor is designed for optimal performance and does not have the limitation of having to balance other calibers.

Reduced Gas Blowback

Most dedicated 5.56 suppressors suffer from increased gas blowback at the expense of increased dB suppression. This is where the Razor556™ stands out. It was built with the goal of having less gas blowback than its 7.62 counterpart while maintaining increased dB suppression. This results in a dedicated 5.56 suppressor that is optimized in every way.

Dedicated Muzzle Device

The Razor556™ ships with a dedicated 1/2×28 muzzle device for 5.56. This means that it’s ready to go straight out of the packaging without having to purchase additional accessories to make it compatible with a 5.56 firearm.

Lower Price Point

The Razor556™ is more affordable than its multi-caliber counterparts. When you factor in having to purchase a 5.56 muzzle device to make a 7.62 suppressor compatible with a 5.56 platform, you’ll save an average of $176.

If you’re shopping for a silencer to only suppress 5.56, then a dedicated can like the Razor556™ is the way to go. You’ll have improved sound reduction, less gas blowback and a lighter option. Best of all, you’ll save money. However, if this is your first suppressor purchase or you’d like to have more versatility, then a multi-caliber suppressor is going to be your best option. If you like the compact size of the Razor556™, we’d recommend the Razor762™ or Micro30™. If you’d like to have maximum versatility and suppress both a handgun and rifle calibers with the same suppressor, check out the Alaskan360™ or the titanium Alaskan360Ti™.

Ultimately, It’s A Personal Choice

After going through the differences between multi-caliber and a dedicated 5.56, it all boils down to your personal choice. Do you plan on shooting 5.56 exclusively or do you want options? There are people who love shooting 5.56 and nothing more, while others prefer a dedicated can for each host, which is where the Razor556™ shines.  Others may have many firearms and desire one can that does it all, in which case a multi-caliber is their best option. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is important to you.


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