Introducing the New Obsidian9 Suppressor

Introducing the New Obsidian9

Rugged Suppressors is proud to introduce the new Obsidian9 modular suppressor, the most versatile 9mm suppressor on the market. The Obsidian 9 is fully compatible with suppressor sights for seamless use on a pistol or subgun. With its’ baffles and mount machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel and Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum tubing the Obsidian9 lives up to its reputation of being BELT FED RATED® up to 9mm and rated for subsonic .300 Blackout. 

Being a fully modular suppressor, the Obsidian 9 allows you to go between having a suppressor for maximum suppression (full configuration) to maximum maneuverability (short configuration) within seconds as opposed to spending months waiting for another suppressor. This capability gives you more versatility as you can stay nice and short but when it’s time to get crazy quiet, simply attach your ADAPT™ module for instant additional suppression. 

With an outer diameter of only 1.37″ the Obsidian fits perfectly under most hand guards and doesn’t impede your suppressor sights or optics giving you more configuration options for hosts.

The Obsidian9 is available now with a suggested retail price of $799.

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