Introducing the New Razor762 Suppressor

Introducing the new Razor762 suppressor

Rugged Suppressors, the company that created the industry’s first-ever modular rifle suppressor with the Surge 762™, has now launched its little brother — the new Razor762.

At 6.4” long and weighing in at 15.3oz, the Razor is the shortest and lightest suppressor in its class. It’s built for enthusiasts and sportsmen who want maximum maneuverability and weight savings. Not to mention, rugged durability.

“We set the bar high with the Surge 762™,” says Henry Graham, President. “While building the Razor, we focused on creating a light weight and compact suppressor that features a deep tone, back pressure-reducing design. The Razor really hits the mark on each of these.”

Constructed entirely of 17-4PH Stainless Steel and featuring a full circumference welded Cobalt 6 baffle core, the new Razor762 comes more than ready for any caliber up to .300 RUM.

Like its modular brother, the Razor 762 comes with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and a Dual Taper Lock™ Mounting System that ensures wobble-free firing.

Michael Derdizak, CEO of Rugged Suppressors explains, “The Razor, like the Surge 762, carries the title of Belt Fed Rated™. This classification of suppressor rating was pioneered by Rugged and serves to illustrate just how durable our products are in comparison to the competition.”

The new Razor762 is available immediately for shipping with a suggested retail price of $950.

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