Henry's Letter to the Industry

I’m very fortunate to have spent the last 8 years in research and development, producing suppressors for two great brands. This summer, I shot more rounds than I have in the last three years combined. I enjoy the design, but I live for the range. I think you can relate.

So why start another new suppressor company?
I spent weeks of range time with old friends and new acquaintances, and I started to hear the same complaints about the industry over and over again. Missed deadlines. Overpromises. Uncertainty. The lack of “fun”. So, I decided to do what I’ve always done: fix the problem. After many variations and many failures, came breakthrough after breakthrough. Success!

The big breakthrough: A truly modular rifle suppressor…the Surge 762. Why buy two different cans for twice the costs, twice the fingerprints, twice the tax stamps, twice the wait and twice the pain. No fun.

What if we created one suppressor that gives you both short and long can options? It couldn’t be a compromised product—it HAD to be a market leader in both configurations. Now that sounded fun so, that’s what we did.

When compared to competing 7.5” designs, the Surge 762, with included muzzle device, weighs over 4 ounces less. 

Compared to competing 9” designs, the Surge 762 weighs 2.2 ounces less. 

All that with a better locking system, modular front cap, durable finish, and most importantly, the ability to choose your configuration, with our patent pending ADAPT™ Modular Technology. 

Next, we wanted Rugged Design to address the other problems the industry was facing:

  • Warranties – We created the Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for a 100% guarantee. No fine print or legalese.
  • Testing – We test every single suppressor before it leaves our shop.
  • Customer Service – Our customers’ problems are our problems. So we fix it.

Shopping for a suppressor should be as fun as shopping for a rifle. You hit the forums. You read the websites. You talk to friends and experts. Then you get the can. Then you shoot. No worries. No problems. That’s fun. And that’s what Rugged Design is all about.

I’m happy to be back.

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