Be Mine Valentine’s Promotion

In order to be eligible for this promotion, customers must register the suppressor through the Rugged website via their eStore account. Customers will need to create an account if they do not already have one at the link below. They will upload a copy of the paid-in-full receipt from their dealer, as well as a file copy of the Form4. In order to receive the promotion, the suppressors must be purchased between 2/1/23 and 2/28/23. The registration cutoff date for this promotion is May 31, 2023. Distributor and dealer exclusions apply as they are not eligible for this promotion. This promotion cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion. Funds/gift cards can only be used on regular-priced items (no PARAGON). Void where prohibited by law, terms subject to change without notice.

You do not have to wait until you are approved to get your promotion.

To register your suppressor for the promotion, please visit 

Rugged Suppressors purchased at a retailer during the promotional period qualify. Online auction sales do not qualify for the promotion. 

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