Rifle Suppressors


The Razor556 suppressor is optimized for the best degree of minimum blowback and quick-attaches to our Rugged flash hiders or muzzle brakes


Radiant762 is the pinnacle of lightweight durability. Combining stellite baffles & titanium allows the Radiant to push the limits at 12oz.


The Razor762 is optimized for compact suppression. At only 6.4″, it’s the perfect combination of sound suppression and length/weight savings. Shooting .556 or .762 is a breeze..


Micro30 only adds 3.5″ to the end of your muzzle device. With ADAPT technology it’s hard not to call it one of the best multi-caliber rifle suppressors there is..


The Surge762 rifle suppressor is paired with the best suppression and durability available. Whether you’re shooting 556 or 762 caliber, the Surge gives “silencer” a new meaning..

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