Rugged Suppressors 2018 Obsidian Promotion

For a limited time promotion, Obsidian45 and Obsidian9 suppressor purchases made between November 19, 2018 and December 31, 2018 will include an additional 5-piece promotional accessories kit.

-The Obsidian45 comes standard with (1) .578×28 Piston and the promotional accessories kit includes (1) 1/2×28 Piston, (1) 3 Lug Mount, (1) Combo Tool, (1) Fixed Barrel Spacer, and (1) 5/8×24 Fixed Mount. Total value of the Obsidian 45 promotional accessories package is $350.00.

-The Obsidian9 comes standard with (1) 1/2×28 Piston and the promotional accessories kit includes (1) M13.5×1 LH Piston, (1) 3 Lug Mount, (1) Combo Tool, (1) Fixed Barrel Spacer, and (1) 5/8×24 Fixed Mount. Total value of the Obsidian 9 promotional accessories package is $350.00.

Terms and Conditions

In order to be eligible for the 2018 Obsidian Promotion, customers must register their suppressor through our website ( and include a copy of the paid in full sales receipt from their dealer; a copy of the Form4 is also required. Qualifying suppressors must be purchased and registered between November 19, 2018 and December 31, 2018. The cutoff date for this promotion is December 31, 2018. Distributor and dealer exclusions apply as they are not eligible for this promotion. This promotion cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion. Void where prohibited by law, terms subject to change without notice.

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Rugged Releases the Obsidian 9 Suppressor

Rugged Suppressors is proud to introduce the Obsidian 9 modular suppressor, the most versatile 9mm suppressor on the market. At only 4.85″ in the short configuration and 7.8″ in the long configuration with an outside diameter of 1.37″ the Obsidian 9 is fully compatible with suppressor sights for seamless use on a pistol or subgun. With its’ baffles and mount machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel and Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum tubing the Obsidian 9 lives up to its reputation of being BELT FED RATED® up to 9mm and rated for subsonic .300 Blackout. Being a fully modular suppressor, the Obsidian 9 allows you to go between having a suppressor for maximum suppression (full configuration) to maximum maneuverability (short configuration) within seconds as opposed to spending months waiting for another suppressor. This capability gives you more versatility as you can stay nice and short but when it’s time to get crazy quiet, simply attach your ADAPT™ module for instant additional suppression. With an outer diameter of only 1.37″ the Obsidian fits perfectly under most hand guards and doesn’t impede your suppressor sights or optics giving you more configuration options for hosts.

The Obsidian 9 is available now with a suggested retail price of $799.

To see the Obsidian 9 in action check out TWANGnBANG’s first look video!

For more information or to find a dealer near you visit

MP5 Challenge – Emerald Coast Indoor Shooting & Sport

Aug. 15, 11AM-5PM
Emerald Coast Indoor Shooting & Sport
685 Valparaiso Pkwy
Valparaiso, FL 32580

Sign Up

Come out to shoot a suppressed full-auto MP5 for a chance to win a Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 9!
The most accurate shooter will win an Obsidian 9!  (Retail value of $799)!

$25 Registration Fee Includes:

  • Event T-Shirt
  • Target
  • Ear/Eye protection rental
  • Ammunition to Shoot a Suppressed Full-Auto MP5

AHT Ohio Range Day

Achilles Heel Tactical – Ohio Range Day

October 24-25, 2020
Southington Hunt Club Training Facility
10321 Silica Sand Road
Garrettsville, Ohio 44231

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We’re proud to be a sponsor of Ohio Range Day! We will be demoing our full line up of suppressors and be putting on a competition to win a free suppressor!

  • 16 Hours of firearms training day & night from Achilles Heel Tactical & Point 1 Tactics
  • 4 Separate caterers providing lunch & dinner for this event 
  • 2 Day full content coverage by a professional media 
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders 
  • Event sponsor booths, live-fire bays, & merchandise from sponsors. 
  • Sponsor competition giveaways
  • Sponsor raffle giveaways, & prize packs
  • Limited Edition event t-shirt & merchandise



Company Culture

At Rugged, we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards in the industry. This pride in our product is a result of each individual taking responsibility for their contributions. We consider ourselves lucky to get up every day and contribute our time and our talents to an industry that we love. We’re looking for employees who share a passion for excellence and a love of the firearms industry to join our team.

Job Description

Under indirect supervision, Responsible for the quality deburring of parts and sub assemblies in all phases of production as well as the maintenance and inventory of all deburring tools and equipment. 

This is a 2nd shift (4:00pm-2:30am) full time position scheduled from M-Th with occasional overtime on Friday.  Working in a climate controlled mill/turn shop located in Travelers Rest, SC, this position is permanent with 30 day, 6 month, and 1 year evaluations.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

-Remove all burrs from machined parts and sub assemblies
-Deburring parts either by hand or with deburring equipment
-Perform all phases of deburring operations
-Using all tools to meet dimensional and surface finish requirements
-Other duties as assigned

Skills Needed
-Detail oriented
-Time management/Multitasking
-Basic mathematical and written/verbal communication skills
-Basic computer skills
-Knowledge of and/or experience in the firearms industry preferred but not required

Job Requirements
-2+ years of deburring experience.
-Must be able to lift and carry awkward items weighing up to 50 pounds
-Requires constant standing, walking, sitting and bending throughout the work day
-Must be able to work in a manufacturing environment, to include working in and around moving parts, chemicals, lights/lasers, etc.
-Must be able to wear all required Personal Protective Equipment for the duration of work schedule
-Must be willing to submit to and pass a background check
-Position is based in Travelers Rest, SC. Relocation assistance is NOT available for this position
-Must have reliable transportation

This is an hourly position with compensation based upon experience.   

Benefits package available after 90 days:
-Health Insurance (Employee Premium paid at 50%)
-Company Matching 401(k)
-2 Weeks Paid Vacation (Begins Accrual)
-Paid company holidays

Come join our growing team and help us continue to provide the best quality products and service to our loyal customers.

Submit your resume!

MP5 Challenge Point Blank Range

MP5 Challenge Point Blank Range

Dec. 14, 11AM-5PM
Point Blank Range
743 River Hwy,
Mooresville, NC 28117

Future MP5 Challenges

Come out to shoot a suppressed full-auto MP5 for a chance to win a Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 9!
The most accurate shooter will win an Obsidian 9!  (Retail value of $799)!

$25 Registration Fee Includes:

  • Event T-Shirt
  • Target
  • Ear/Eye protection rental
  • Ammunition to Shoot a Suppressed Full-Auto MP5

Find future MP5 Challenges here!

Why Rugged Suppressors

Why Rugged Suppressors

A suppressor is an investment, at Rugged Suppressors we strive to not only produce the most dependable suppressors on the market but give you the most versatility possible. You can rest assured you’ve made a good investment with us for the following reasons:

Rugged Suppressors Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

We know what its like to read pages of legal print hoping you’re covered after an issue, just to be denied or not have the problem fixed for months. With our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty it’s just that, unconditional. No matter the problem or how it occurred we will work with you to find a solution, and then fix it. To prove it, we have no legal print and our average turn around time is within 16 business hours.

Rugged Suppressors Dual Taper Locking System

Dual Taper Locking System™

No more wobbly and carbon locked mounts. Our Dual Taper Mount’s first taper creates a gas seal and concentric lock up, for repeatable return to zero and keeps your threads carbon free. The rear taper creates a friction lock to keep your suppressor where it should be, on your rifle. Rugged Suppressors patented No Go/Go Gauge will give you confirmation that your suppressor is properly attached, for a surprise free shooting experience.

Rugged Suppressors Accuracy Tested

Accuracy Tested

Before we ship our center fire rifle suppressors, we put rounds down the tube of every single one. Other suppressor companies don’t do this. This ensures that you will have unaffected accuracy and a repeatable zero shift when attaching/detaching your suppressor.

Rugged-Suppressors ADAPT Modular Technology

ADAPT™ Modular Technology

Now you don’t have to choose between a short suppressor and a long one. You don’t have to buy two. You don’t have to pay a tax stamp twice or smudge your fingerprints twice. With Rugged Suppressors ADAPT™ Modules you get two lengths with one innovative suppressor, so it’s your choice.

Rugged Suppressors Strategic Engraving

Strategic Engraving

We strategically place the serialized engraving over the thickest cross section of the suppressor for fast and easy replacement should the suppressor become damaged beyond repair.

Rugged Suppressors Belt Fed Rated

Belt Fed Rated®

Everyone may not have a belt fed machine gun but that doesn’t mean you should accept lower quality materials and machining. Rugged Suppressors are machined from top of the line materials to withstand any rate of fire; whether it be a precision rifle or a cyclic belt fed machine gun. Because we believe your gear shouldn’t be what’s holding you back.

If you have any questions contact us here. Also, check out our Resources/FAQ Page for helpful guides, frequently asked questions and product manuals.

Thread Pitch Guide

Thread Pitch Guide

This guide is designed to quickly reference what thread pitches your firearms have. If you need more clarification on what attachments you need for that firearm, check out our Pistol Suppressor Attachments Guide.

Click on of the links below to jump to that specific firearm type:
Handgun Thread Pitches
Pistol Caliber Carbine / Subgun Thread Pitches
Rifle Thread Pitches

We recommend double checking your thread pitch with the original manufacturer of your barrel/firearm before making any purchases.


After Market Barrels (most common)
.22 – 1/2×28
9mm – 1/2×28
.40 S&W – 9/16×24
45 ACP – .578×28

9mm – 1/2×28

9mm – 13.5×1 LHM

9mm – 1/2×28

9mm – 1/2×28
45 ACP – .578×28

9mm – 13.5×1 LHM
.40 S&W – 14.5×1 LHM
45 ACP – 16×1 LHM

9mm – 13.5×1 LHM
.40 S&W – 14.5×1 LHM
45 ACP – 16×1 LHM (HK23 – 16×1 RHM)

.22 – 1/2×28

Smith & Wesson
.22 – 1/2×28
9mm – 1/2×28
45 ACP – .578×28

Sig Sauer
9mm – 13.5×1 LHM
45 ACP – .578×28

9mm – 13.5×1 LHM

Styer Arms
9mm – 1/2×28 or 13.5xl LHM

Pistol Caliber Carbines / Sub Guns

Angstadt Arms
9mm – 1/2×36
.40 S&W – 5/8×24
45 ACP – .578×28

5.7×28 – 1/2×28
9mm – 1/2×36 or 1/28×28
.40 S&W – .578×28
45 ACP – .578×28

9mm – 1/2×36

9mm – 18×1 (pre 2016)
9mm – 1/2×28

9mm – 1/2×36

Kel Tec
9mm – 1/2×28
.40 S&W – 9/16×24

45 ACP – .578×28

MP5 Variants
9mm – 1/2×28 or 3 Lug

9mm – 1/2×28

Sig Sauer
9mm – 13.5×1 LHM

Quarter Circle 10
9mm – 1/2×28
.40 S&W – 5/8×24 or .578×28
10mm – .578×28
45 ACP – .578×28


Common thread pitches per caliber
5.56 – 1/2×28
.30 cal – 5/8×24

Common thread pitches for AR variants
5.56 – 1/2×28
300BLK – 5/8×24
.30 cal – 5/8×24

Accuracy International
.30 – 18×1.5M or 5/8×24

350 Legend – 1/2×28

557 UCS – 5/8×24
750 Sniper – 18×1
Bren S1 – 1/2×28

Desert Tech
.30 cal – 3/4×24 or 5/8×24

FN 15 – 1/2×28
SCAR 16 – 1/2×28
SCAR 17 – 5/8×24* SCAR17 R3 Flash Hider
SCAR 20S – 5/8×24* SCAR17 R3 Flash Hider

MR556A1 – 1/2×28
MR762A1 – 15×1
HK91 – 15×1

5.56 – 1/2×28
300BLK – 5/8×24* SCAR17 R3 Flash Hider

Knight Armament Company
SR25 – 3/4×24

Rock River Arms
350 Legend – 1/2×36

Mini 14 – 9/16×24 (pre 2009)
350 Legend – 1/2×28
450 Bushmaster – 11/16×24 (Fixed Mount for the Obsidian45)

.30 cal – 18×1

T3x – 5/8×24
T3 Compact Tac – 5/8×24
T3 TAC – 18×1

350 Legend – 11/16×24

* The SCAR17 R3 Flash Hider is designed to seat on the muzzle of the barrel as opposed to the barrel’s shoulder.

Pistol Suppressor Attachments Guide

Pistol Suppressor Attachments Guide

When you first get into suppressors it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what suppressor attachments you need, especially for pistol suppressors. This guide will help go over why there are different suppressor attachments and help you find which ones you need.

In order to mount pistol suppressors (our Obsidian9 and Obsidian45) on various hosts with different operating systems and threads pitches, we have multiple attachments to give you as much versatility as possible. Below describes each mounting option and how it best fits certain applications.


When using a handgun, you’ll need to use one of the following suppressor attachments:

Booster System – For use with a pistol that utilizes a tilting, or sliding barrel. The Booster System temporarily relieves the weight of the suppressor from the barrel, in order for the pistol to cycle. (Check out a video VSO Gun Channel did of a Booster System in action here.) Be sure to lubricate the piston before each use to allow the suppressor and firearm to cycle efficiently. We recommend white lithium grease as it withstands heat well.

Booster System Suppressor Attachment Diagram

The Obsidian9 and Obsidian45 come standard with a Booster System (also known as a Nielsen Device) and Piston. The Obsidian9 comes with a 1/2×28 Piston and the Obsidian45 comes with a .578×28 Piston.

Piston + Fixed Barrel Spacer – For use with fixed barrels, most commonly seen on .22lr platforms (in regards to handguns). The FBS (Fixed Barrel Spacer) replaces the spring in your booster system to replicate a fixed mount. When used with rimfire platforms the FBS also helps prevent additional lead and carbon build up within the suppressor.

FBS Suppressor Attachment Diagram

Carbines, Subguns, etc. (Fixed Barrels)

Being that the barrels on carbines and subguns are fixed in place, using them with a booster system can cause damage to the suppressor. (VSO Gun Channel did a video going into more detail of this, you can check that out here.) To prevent damage to your suppressor and firearm, when using a fixed barrel you’ll need to use one of the following suppressor attachments:

FBS System Suppressor Attachment

Piston + Fixed Barrel Spacer – The FBS (Fixed Barrel Spacer) replaces the spring in your booster system to create a fixed mounting device. This is a good option if you already have pistons for handguns that are the same thread pitch as subguns/carbines you plan to suppress. When used with rimfire platforms, the FBS also helps prevent additional lead and carbon build up.
Metric and .578×28 pistons are designed to seat on the muzzle of the barrel. If you have a barrel with a traditional 90° shoulder, the shoulder can prevent metric and .578×28 pistons from seating properly on the muzzle. A fixed mount should be used in this scenario to avoid improper alignment.

Fixed Mount Suppressor Attachment

Fixed Mount – The Fixed Mount works as a stand alone mounting option (it does not use a Fixed Barrel Spacer). The Fixed Mount is designed to align with the barrel’s shoulder, making it a preferred mounting option when using a barrel with a traditional 90° shoulder. For installation, remove the booster system, and replace it with the Fixed Mount.

3 Lug Mount Suppressor Attachment

3 Lug Mount – The 3 Lug Mount allows the suppressor to be quickly attached/detached to your subgun/carbine. Our 3 Lug Mount is designed with tight tolerances to attach to HK spec 9mm male 3-lugs. To install, remove the booster system and replace it with the 3 Lug Mount.

If you have any questions or would like additional clarification please contact us here: Contact Us


Useful Links

Dealer Locator
Warranty RMA Request
Thread Pitch Guide
Obsidian Attachments Guide
Obsidian45 Suppressor Caliber Ratings
Why Rugged Suppressors

Product Manuals

Rifle Caliber Suppressors
Pistol Caliber Suppressors
Rimfire Caliber Suppressors

General FAQ

What to do if I have a warranty issue?

All of our products our covered by our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. If you have any issues, just fill out this RMA Form and we’ll take care of you. We’ll work with you to figure out what caused the issue and make sure it’s fixed.

Why are there so many mounts and how do I know which ones to get?

Not all firearms have the same thread pitch or operate the same way. We make different mounts in order for your suppressor to be compatible with as many firearms as possible.

Our Rifle Suppressors all use our Dual Taper Locking System and are cross compatible. Our rifle suppressor muzzle devices can be found here. There are multiple options to accommodate personal preference, but they’re all compatible with our Dual Taper Locking System.

In order to allow pistol suppressors to operate on carbines and handguns there are various attachment methods. Our Pistol Suppressor Attachments Guide goes over each attachment and which ones you’ll need for your firearms.

Can I swap out the piston/muzzle device included with my suppressor?

We don’t swap out included accessories as they are prepackaged then shipped to our distributors, who then ship them to your dealer.

Can I purchase an additional ADAPT Module?

We don’t sell ADAPT Modules separately as they are regulated suppressor parts and would illegally change the length of your suppressor (suppressors can be shortened but not lengthened).

Obsidian FAQ

Does the Fixed Mount need to be used with the Fixed Barrel Spacer?

No, the Fixed Mount is a stand alone mount. The Fixed Barrel Spacer is used with a piston and replaces the spring that comes with the Obsidian9. The Fixed Mount and a Fixed Barrel Spacer are 2 different methods to attach your Obsidian9 to a fixed barrel firearm (carbine, PCC etc.). For more clarification check out our Obsidian Mounting Options Guide!

Is the Obsidian9/Obsidian45 rated for .223/5.56?

No, the Obsidian9 is not rated for supersonic or subsonic 5.56/.223. If you’re looking for a suppressor for your rifle calibers check out our Radiant762, Surge 7.62Razor 7.62 or Micro30.

How often should I clean my Obsidian?

We recommend cleaning the baffles every 1,000 rounds. The piston and spring should be cleaned after each range trip. Make sure to lubricate the outside of the piston with white lithium grease before each range trip for the suppressor and handgun to cycle properly.

Rifle Suppressor FAQ

Is there a muzzle device to make my 14.5″ barrel 16″?

Yes, we have 2 options. Our 3 Port Brake in 1/2×28 and R3 Flash Mitigation System – 7.62 in 1/2×28 will bring a 14.5″ barrel to 16″. 

Is my rifle suppressor rated for 9mm or 45ACP?

No, our rifle suppressors are designed for .30 caliber projectiles and smaller. The aperture is not large enough for pistol calibers.

How often should I clean my rifle suppressor?

Due to the construction and use of exotic materials, our rifle suppressors require limited service/maintenance. We recommend wiping down the threads of your suppressor after each range trip and adding a small amount of oil to the ADAPT Module and front cap threads.

Oculus22 FAQ

How often should I clean my Oculus22?

We recommend cleaning your Oculus22 every 500 rounds. We recommend cleaning the disassembled baffles with an ultrasonic cleaner using a 50/50 mixture of Purple Power and water.
The inside of the suppressor tube can be cleaned using normal gun solvent and cleaning techniques. We recommend using a 12 gauge bore brush, and a brass wire brush to remove any carbon as necessary.

Is my Oculus22 rated for .17 Hornet or .22 Hornet?

No, the Oculus22 is rated for the following calibers: 22LR, 22 WMR, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, and 5.7x28mm.

Obsidian45 Suppressor Caliber Ratings

Obsidian 45 Suppressor Caliber Ratings

Obsidian 45 Suppressor Caliber Ratings

The Obsidian45 is not only the quietest 45 suppressor on the market, but the most versatile. With it’s mount and baffles machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel, the Obsidian45 is a breeze to clean. It can also handle calibers beyond other dedicated pistol suppressors on the market. Check out the Obsidian 45 Suppressor’s caliber ratings below.

Obsidian 45 Suppressor Caliber Ratings:

  • Belt Fed Rated for pistol calibers up to 45ACP
  • 9x39mm subsonic (8″ barrel or longer)
  • 460 Rowland (5″ barrel or longer)
  • .458 SOCOM subsonic (16″ barrel or longer)
  • 45-70 (16″ barrel or longer)
  • 450 Bushmaster (16″ barrel or longer)
  • 45 Super (5″ barrel or longer)
  • 44 Magnum (16″ barrel or longer)
  • .44 Special (6″ barrel or longer)
  • 357 Magnum (12″ barrel or longer)
  • 350 Legend (16″ barrel or longer)
  • 300 Blackout subsonic (8″ barrel or longer)
  • 30/30 subsonic (8″ barrel or longer)

The Obsidian45 uses different mounts in order to be compatible with a multitude of firearms. To learn more about the Obsidian’s mounting options check out our Pistol Suppressor Attachments Guide!

Not quite sure what thread pitch your firearm is? Our Thread Pitch Guide has you covered!

MP5 Challenge West TN Tactical home of eSilencers

MP5 Challenge West TN Tactical home of eSilencers

MP5 Challenge
April 13, 11AM-5PM

West TN Tactical home of eSilencers
1235 Jade Rd.
Savannah, TN 38372

Future MP5 Challenges

Come out to shoot a suppressed full-auto MP5 for a chance to win a Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 9!
The most accurate shooter will win an Obsidian 9!  (Retail value of $799. Winner is liable for all applicable taxes including transfer tax. Must be 21 to win.)

$25 Registration Fee Includes:

  • Event T-Shirt
  • Target
  • Ear/Eye protection rental
  • Ammunition to Shoot a Suppressed Full-Auto MP5

Find future MP5 Challenges!