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  1. CNC Machinist (2nd Shift) Application

  2. Silent Night Beanie

    Silent Night Beanie

    Made in the USA.

  3. Bronze Flash Hider 1/2x28

    2019 Promo – Bronze Flash Hider – 1/2×28 (5.56)

    Weight: 2.9oz Length: 1.9" Threaded 1/2×28 for 5.56. 2019 Promotion - Bronze Flash Hider - 1/2x28 (5.56) Upload the required information below to register for the 2019 Rifle Suppressor Promotion!

  4. 2019 Rifle Suppressor Promotion

    2019 Rifle Suppressor Promotion Terms and Conditions In order to be eligible for this promotion, customers must register their suppressor through our website ( and…

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  5. MP5 Challenge Sign Up

  6. Rugged Range Day

    Rugged Range Day: Arena Gun Club

    Dec. 7, 11AM-5PMArena Gun Club6501 Arena Blvd Suite 106ALaredo, Texas 78041 Come hang out with us at Arena Gun Club! We’ll be demoing suppressors and…

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  7. Application for Future Positions

  8. Deburrer

    Deburrer Company Culture At Rugged, we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards in the industry. This pride in our product is a…

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  9. Deburrer Application

  10. MP5 Challenge

    MP5 Challenge: Point Blank Range

    Dec. 14, 11AM-5PMPoint Blank Range743 River Hwy,Mooresville, NC 28117 Come out to shoot a suppressed full-auto MP5 for a chance to win a Rugged Suppressors…

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